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Top gun miniature australian shepherds

We are a small breeding operation committed to creating the perfect Mini Aussie: great temperament, well balanced, biddable, and the ability to work. 

Although our breeding dogs come from outstanding working lines, they have proven to be amazing family pets as well. I cannot emphasis enough how well tempered these dogs are. They are intelligent, wanting to please, and extremely easy to train. They are the ideal dog for any active family looking for a family dog; a performance home wanting to do agility, herding, etc; or anyone looking for a working ranch dog prospect.

Our operation is the perfect balance of city living and country giving all our dogs great exposer to all different walks of life. They are great house dogs, farm dogs, and anything in between.

Upcoming Litters

Expected Spring 2023

Axel X Florence ~ All Colors Expected ~ MASCA and ASDR Eligible ~ Prices will range $1000-$2500




Lazy D's Axel Rose


MASCA and ASDR registered

(Timberline's Moonshine Man X Lazy D's Makin It Rein)

DOB Oct. 25th, 2019

Axel is the sweetest guy around. He has an amazing temperament, build, and has been genetically tested to insure that his offspring will be the perfect dog.

Color: Black Tri

Eyes: R-Amber L-Blue

Height: 18"

Weight: 45lbs

Tail: Natural Bob

Vizzy Gang's Florence


MASCA and ASDR registered

(Captain Jack Sparrow X Lazy D's Gunslingin' Celebrity)

DOT Oct. 21st, 2021

Flor has matured into the most beautiful, well mannered doggo around. She is extremely intelligent and biddable. She is genetically tested to help insure the health of her offspring.

Color: Blue Merle

Eyes: Amber

Height: 14"

Weight: 30lbs

Tail: Docked


Timberline's Midnight Moonshine


Lazy D's Makin It Rein



Captain Jack Sparrow



Lazy D's Gunslingin' Celebrity


Get on the waitlist NOW to secure your pup from this amazing litter! These puppies should be OUTSTANDING pets, working dogs, or performers.

You must complete the application process. Once approved you will be contacted to see which picks are available and which you would like.

Ex. First Pick Female

Second Pick Male


$100 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

(It is free to apply)

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